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Elisha's Mantle

A prayer for Attachments and Transferences...

Lord, I ask You to meet those who have attached to me.
Father, gentle but firmly take those attachments and connect them directly to you,
the source of true life.
Take both those whom I know about and
those who may have quietly attached in spirit without me knowing.
May they draw life from you instead.
Be with me, Lord, and keep me close to Your heart that I might be an accurate representation to those who need "Jesus with skin on."
Be quick to call me to account or correction so that I am a clear stream from which I drink.

Continue to teach me regarding boundaries... Thiers and mine.
Help me to know what safe boundaries are.
Grant me wisdom and the abilitiy to hear from you and trusted others,
and the awareness of where and when to draw a line for someone else.
Bring to death any need in me to be needed or to hold some special place in another's life.

(Name and renounce any other needs the Lord reveals which might cloud the counceling relationship and lead to unhealthy attachments and transferences.)

Grant me the grace to deal with the transference that do come.
Grant me the discernment to recognize them as they are happening so that this time might remain a safe phase in the healing process.
Help me not get caught up in them, or to respond in wounded ways.
When transference occurs,
grant Your patients and love and use it as You see fit to continue healing.
Rescue me from believing that I am all the wonderful things others say I am and seem to need me to be.
Give me and all those You put in my path of ministry the ability to see ourselves as You see us.

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IMPORTANT:These sample prayers are not formulas; rather, they offer ideas and direction. Be led by the Holy Spirit, and use the substance of this prayer as a guide. Also, please acknowledge these prayers as sample narratives, in which gender-exclusive references are used as they would be used in a real situation. For this reason, some prayers are for a female and others for a male. All are interchangeable.

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