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elisha's Mantle

A prayer to Awaken a Slumbering Spirit ...

Lord, I recognize my spirit is not fully functional, not fully awake in several areas. For some reason (confess if known) my spirit chose not to enter into life.
I confess this as sin; I have put my light under a bushel. Like Jonah, I have fled from the life You designed for me.
And, as with Jonah, my refusal to Live In these areas has caused trouble. I ask Your forgiveness for the ways in which I have wounded those around me, Lord. I ask your forgiveness for being unwilling to live life.
God, I ask You to awaken my spirit. Cleanse my spirit and remove the cobwebs. Thank You for not giving up on me.
Now I ask You to be even more persistent. Touch my ears so I can hear You speaking to me.
Lord, I choose life. I make a conscious decision to be fully present and I ask You to hold me to that decision even if at times I don�t want to.
Bring to death in me that impulse to flee. I ask that Your resurrection life strengthen and enable me to develop new ways to respond in each of the areas in which I am slumbering.
Help me to see Your call to life as a loving call. Help me see the call from those who love me in the same way.
Set a guard over my life so I can respond to that call in a good way. I thank You, Father God, for my life.

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IMPORTANT:These sample prayers are not formulas; rather, they offer ideas and direction. Be led by the Holy Spirit, and use the substance of this prayer as a guide. Also, please acknowledge these prayers as sample narratives, in which gender-exclusive references are used as they would be used in a real situation. For this reason, some prayers are for a female and others for a male. All are interchangeable.

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